A La Carte for Middle Schools

The a la carte service at our middle schools is available for a student who forgets to bring a sack lunch or for the student who would like additional menu items to go with his/her sack lunch or school lunch.  All a la carte menu items are carefully selected to limit calories, sodium, and fat.  And increase fiber. 

The service provides items such as:

*       sandwiches

*       milk

*       fruit

*       reduced fat/sodium chips and snacks

*       Peanut Butter & Jelly Uncrustables

*       mozzarella cheese sticks

Food is prepared in one of the high schools and transported to the middle schools for service.  Occasionally a la carte choices may not be available. 

The Food Service Department recommends middle school students purchase the complete school lunch instead of a la carte. The school lunch is designed to provide all the nutrients required to meet the US Dietary Guidelines and 1/3 of the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). In addition, it costs less than purchasing an a la carte lunch.

A La Carte for High Schools

Oshkosh North and Oshkosh West both offer students an a la carte menu.  Students have the choice of choosing any menu item a la carte.  A la carte selections will cost more. 

A la Carte and Cash

Students using a la carte services at middle schools and high schools must pay cash. Cashiers will not allow a la carte purchases, other than milk, to be charged on the family food service account. In other words, students will not be allowed to use their 5-digit pin number to make a la carte purchases. This is done to protect the balance for younger family members using the same family account.